Saturday, May 23, 2020

WebDM and The Keyhole Dragon.


If you have not heard of or encountered these two lovely people over on twitter or on youtube and twitch then you should check them out. They have been putting up video discussions on various topics centered around Dungeons and Dragons for years now. Many of the subjects they discuss can be easily be applied to any other game system and genre as well, but they tend to approach it from the understanding that most people either know of or play D&D. Their discussion can often be very insightful or inspiring and you can tell that they are very genuine and thoughtful people who have great chemistry together. They sprinkle helpful tips and hints for players and Gms alike - while also recognizing that they are not experts in any way or fashion. I believe they have said before that the idea that anyone can be an Expert in the field of RPGs is a concept that seems nonsensical and if I can say, even:

Every so often I binge-watch a bunch of their newer content while I am working on a project. I am always looking for something to listen to that will keep part of my brain distracted while I draw or animation (but not when I need to listen to the Audio in the animation). This past week was one of those weeks where I listened to about 6 eps on various subjects. One of which was the 3rd or 4th video they've done on Dragons. This one more focused on dragons in general usage and how they can be used and portrayed in your game. several of the other videos were more focused on a type of dragon or their use in combat, etc. 

Check out the video in question here:

The Keyhole Dragon

It was while listening to this the conversation above that Pruit and Jim went on a tangent and sparked my imagination, inspiring this week's Monster Drawing that I stream every Friday morning over on Twitch. The stream had a bit of a rough start this past week. for some reason my internet kept dropping out and I had to stop after the third time to reset both the router and the Modem to fix this. But once all that was taken care of, I spent the next two and a half hours drawing the Keyhole Dragon. I'll post the video of this up on my Youtube in a few weeks, one I work through the current set of Timelapse videos I need to put up.

This skinny, boney Dragon usually only grows as big as a larger creature size, maybe Huge if they are an Ancient Dragon. And as the name suggests they can disappoint and snap their bones, squish and flatten their organs, and reconfigure and contort their bodies in order to fit through small spaces and openings, such as a Keyhole. They are a sneaky kind of Dragon that likes to enter its prey home at night and devour them while they sleep. Stealing the preys treasures before leaving. Some times all you have to show that one of these dragons have been in a home are a few stray scales. 

Aft posting this up on Twitter yesterday, it was great to have it acknowledged by the WebDM guys. I'm glad they got a kick out of.
Anyway, Everyone stays safe and maybe think about putting gum in all your locks - just in case...

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